Benefits of Shopping the Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a treasure trove just waiting to be dug into. Filled with the cast offs, and the over abundances of thousands of homes, these very reasonably priced stores offer up a multitude of items that are just not available at your local department store. With the amazing array of clothing that enters these facilities it is easy to find virtually any style, color, or fabric line that your heart might desire.

Where as local clothing stores tend to be trend driven, and only carry certain colors or styles in any given season, thrift stores thrive on their individuality. This is one reason why everyone should attempt to purchase clothes from thrift stores before shopping at their local Walmart, Target, or K-Mart. 

You are just much more likely to find something to fit your individual tastes at a thrift store.
When it comes down to dollar savings on your clothing purchases the difference is amazing. A forty to one hundred dollar outfit at your local retailer can usually be purchased at a thrift store for ten dollars or much less. On a thrift shop’s sale days you might even pick up an amazing outfit for a dollar or less.

Of course, there are a few major differences in shopping at a thrift store compared to shopping at a local retailer, and these differences must be taken into consideration when you explore this venue. Keep in mind that a thrift store generally carries only one of a kind items so will not have a selection of sizes in any given piece. 

The clothing is however generally in good condition. The clerks in thrift stores usually sort through the donated clothing and select only acceptable clothing to put on the racks for sale. Unacceptable clothing pieces, or those “in need of repair”, torn or stained, are generally set to the side to be made into rags. 

This means that searching in a thrift store for the perfect clothing for your family can take a little more time. Finding the perfect outfit, and the amount of money that you can save on it, makes that extra time spent shopping very worth while.

It is very important to cruise the local thrift shops on a regular basis. As thrift stores have a revolving selection of clothing, it is important to stop by relatively often, in order to have the opportunity to purchase items as they come available. 

Call it the thrill of the hunt but touring your local thrift stores on a weekly basis can net you some amazing and very reasonably priced finds. Designer jeans, name brand labels, and expensive fabrics can be picked up for a fraction of their original cost.

When you have children the clothing budget can be almost enough to break the bank. They require an ever changing wardrobe as trends, and their sizes, change. 

Shopping thrift stores for a large bulk of your children’s clothing purchases can mean that they are able to wear name brand items that you would otherwise be unable to afford. It also insures that additional monies are available when needed for extra special purchases elsewhere and that makes for a win-win situation for everyone involved.
It is also nice to know that when you shop at your local thrift, or Goodwill store, that you are providing much needed to funding for those less fortunate. Most funds that are garnered from local thrift stores are used within the community to provide much needed food, and services, to those who may not otherwise be able to afford those luxuries. It is just one more reason why everyone should take the time to cruise through their local thrift stores.