Collecting Stickers

Collections and the very act of acquiring items that we truly enjoy is a very important aspect of being human. It gives us a wonderful feel good feeling to be surrounded by items that we are fascinated by. This type of hobby stimulates not only our emotions but also our imagination. 

Our collectibles have the power to make us want to talk, to share our feelings, our memories, and our thoughts with others. Sometimes even to share out hearts. They can bring back moments in time that we have almost lost, cause us to laugh, and to relax. They bring pleasure to our leisure hours.

Collectibles are an important part of how we fill our leisure hours, and an important part of our emotional experiences, they are the items that we care enough about to want to collect.

The items that interest you might not be something that anyone else may think of as a valuable item to collect, but to you it is, and that is what makes it a collectible. It might be old porcelain or china dishes, old fishing lures, rare coins, or even a bunch of marbles that clank together in your pocket as you walk to school each day that you are fascinated by. 

Each and every collection is beyond value to the person who has taken the time to acquire it. Their hobby is no less important than any other. Dad might own a rare coin collection valued in the thousands of dollars, but it is no more valuable to him, than little Tracy’s collection of stickers is to her.

Each collection is only as valuable as the pleasure that it gives to us. We invest a tremendous amount of our leisure time into our collections and our acquiring of them. This is how they come to merit the title of a hobby, rather than just possessions, as are other items that exist within our world. 

Our hobbies occupy our time, interest and amuse us, and bring us a sense of enjoyment or fulfillment.
It is this emotional satisfaction that is the true value of a collection, and which makes no one collection, more valuable than another.

Some of the strangest collections in the world are sets that their owners would never dream of parting with for any amount of money. Some collections of this type are string, used batteries, rocks, erasers, spin tops, bottle caps, buttons, match book covers, moss, shot glasses, butterflies, bugs, and yes even dirt. You may not find these items appealing enough to collect but there are thousands of people out there who do. A collectible is anything that someone cares enough about to collect.

So is collecting something as inexpensive as stickers a real hobby? You are darn right it is.